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Week 8



By Micheal Clements

For decades and even centuries unidentified flying objects have been reported in the skies but it wasn’t until the race for the moon that man came close to the objects.
In a video interview Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step foot on the moon, said the astronauts saw something traveling along with them on their way to the moon.
“There was something out there that was close enough to be observed, and what could it be,” Aldrin said. “It could only be one thing if not the rocket.”
The S4B rocket, which helped propel them into space, was disengaged from the spacecraft after liftoff into space. The S4B is the third stage of the Saturn V rocket.
“Obviously the three of us were not going to blurt out, ‘hey, Houston we got something moving along side of us and we don’t know what it is’….we knew those transmissions would be heard by all sorts of people and who knows what somebody would of demanded that we turn back because of aliens or what other reasons…so we just cautiously asked Houston how far away is the S4B,” Aldrin said in the interview.
Houston’s space center answered back 6,000 nautical miles away.
“We really didn’t think we were looking at something that far away, so we decided that after a while watching it was time to go to sleep and not to talk about it anymore until we came back and did debriefing,” Aldrin said.

Several online un-credible sources document this as being true, however much other say it’s false.

One man who worked for NASA at the time, confirms the events and goes further to say that two UFOs followed Apollo 11 for several miles in space to the moon before vanishing.

Tony Smith, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, was a contract engineer for NASA during the Apollo years. Smith was stationed in Africa and dealt mainly with communication.

“I didn’t work for NASA, but I was a contract engineer so basically I did all the work,” Smith said. “NASA would not get anything done if it wasn’t for all the contract engineers like me because the rest is just a bunch of politics tossing paperwork back and forth.”

Smith now is a radio engineer. He once owned a technology company in California, then owned a radio station.

“I even owned a radio station but I don’t like to talk, I can do everything but talk because getting on air really scares me,” Smith said. “I used to be concerned with what I would say if I ever got on the topic of NASA, but now everything is so screwed up that I just don’t give a damn.”

While working at a radio station cluster, he came in contact with Cyndee Campbell, a midday disc jockey in St Joseph Mo.

“It’s really hard to get him to talk about what he did with NASA,” Campbell said. “We held an office pizza party over the summer where he was going to tell us UFO and alien stories but he just started talking about politics and screwed up he thinks the government is.”

While working for NASA, Smith had to sign confidentiality contracts, where he could not say anything about what he was doing or what they may have encountered.

“They made us sign contracts and said if we signed anything out of line that they would prosecute us, you know, put us in prison,” Smith said.

But that was 30 years ago, he said. Now Smith is more open to the topic.

Smith still has working equipment in space that he designed for NASA. Smith says that how far behind they are getting, when something he made three years ago is still in space and working.

“The man is a genius, he really is,” Campbell said. “He knows everything about how radio and stuff works and can walk anyone through a problem.”

Smith also has a wealth of knowledge regarding NASA from years of working for them.

“There was two UFOs that followed Apollo 11 to the moon, they followed them for almost a couple of day in space before disappearing,” Smith said.

But you won’t hear NASA saying a thing, he said.

“They won’t release anything and I think its because they are scared,” Smith said.

Some people question if man did go to the moon, and those claims, simply put are “bullshit,” Smith said.

“I know we went to the moon, I helped with the mission on the technical side,” Smith said. “Those people who say we have not just don’t have anything better to do, but with the way the government is running NASA, I can’t blame them for trying to call them out.”

Smith is a firm believer in aliens, too.

“I know aliens exist, the government and NASA know aliens exist, intelligent aliens, too,” Smith said. “I don’t know what kind of actual contact we have made with them but we will probably never know, the government won’t ever tell us.”

Smith hopes someday the truth can unfold about what is really out in space, but doubts anything well ever come out to the public and doubts that the society in the United States would believe much of what the government has to say.

“They are out there (aliens) and the government knows about it, but they won’t say a damn thing, they just keep it all shut up.”



By MaryLouise Balano

Going out with my girl friends on Friday night has become routine. We do the exact same things at the exact same places and talk about the exact same people every Friday. But one Friday was especially “foreseen.”

My best friend Jenna is always having strange dreams about the future and claiming to have “seen this before” all the time. We laugh at her and take what she says with the grain of salt, but last Friday things got weird.

We were all sitting at the restaurant gossiping when Jenna got this weird look on her face and said I think I’m having déjà vu, “surprise, surprise” one of the girls said because we had heard this all before.

“No I’m not kidding” Jenna said. “I have been here before this exact time and place I feel like Tommy Joe is going to come through the door.”

Tommy Joe being one of our guy friends.

We all poked fun at her laughing about how we come there every week it no shocker she felt like she had been there before. It was about 20 minutes later when the door opened and in walked Tommy Joe all of us looked shocked but no one looked as baffled as Jenna. We questions if Jenna had known previously about Tommy showing up and wanted to mess with us, but they both were very convincing in telling us that they hadn’t talked for a few weeks.

This was not the only incident of Jenna calling things out before they happened that night, it was one of many. Another being when she said, “how funny would it be if the waiter dropped a drink on that girl dancing by herself?” It wasn’t at that exact moment but later in the night the dancing girl was sitting in a booth when all on the sudden the waiter reached for a glass knocking a drink on her and sending her screaming into the air. Its possible all the strange things that Jenna saw in her mind that came true were coincidences but one thing is for sure I’m taking Jenna’s “predictions” a little more seriously now.



By Logan Campbell

On a night when you’re ready to get out of work and go home, you never think that there might be someone else in the room that wasn’t there earlier.

Courtney Campbell was working at Taco Tico and it had been a busy night. The crew was behind so they were in a hurry already to get done.

“I didn’t believe in the ghost that everyone was talking about,” Campbell said.

She had heard stories about a ghost that would sometimes make noises or sounds in the restaurant at night. She didn’t think that those noises were from something of the paranormal.

She was washing the dishes and the other worker was cleaning the food line. They were listening to the radio to pass the time so it wasn’t silent around the restaurant. They were both busy working when suddenly the radio turned off. Campbell was surprised and thought the plug in might have fallen out of the wall, but when she looked back it was still plugged in. She thought that it might have been the ghost so she tried to talk to it. Everyone at Taco Tico had a name for the ghost; they called it “Little Tico.”

“Turn that radio back on Little Tico,” Campbell said.

Nothing happened for a second. Then they both turned toward the radio and the radio suddenly turned on a continued with the same song they were listening to. They were both scared stiff after see this happen. Courtney said she even felt a cold spot after she said that.

People at Taco Tico think that the ghost might have been someone from the school that used to be across the street. The school has now been made into apartment complexes. There wasn’t much information about anyone that had been killed or died around the area, but the Taco Tico employees know that someone was there that night.

From that night on Campbell started to believe that there might be a ghost that appears while they are cleaning down the restaurant.



By Joel Epley

She was legally dead for three minutes when they started to detach all monitors. The heart monitor is always last, and it’s a good thing.

The 50-year-old patient had suffered a massive gastrointestinal or GI bleed during surgery. CPR was unsuccessful and the surgeons and nurses all thought they had lost her.

“She ended up coding,” Saint Luke’s Hospital RN Rebecca Maassen said. “When that happens, everyone goes on autopilot.”

Two and a half hours of CPR had been unsuccessful and the woman lay on the bed lifeless.

“The doctor said, ‘Call it,’ and everyone just let the failure wash over them. The worst feeling I’ve ever experienced,” Rebecca said. “The other nurse and I were putting all the monitors away and I heard her say, ‘Oh my God.’”

The room was silent with the melancholy feeling of loss when a distinct “beep” was heard from the heart monitor.

“The doctors rushed back in and they said she just woke up like she had been sleeping,” Rebecca said. “She woke up with a smile on her face.”

The patient described what she thought was a short dream.

Her mother, uncle and grandfather were all waiting and out of focus. They were telling the woman to come with them and her pain would be over. She began walking towards them when a giant arm grabbed her around the waist and told her, “Your husband and children still need you.”

“The doctors said it was one of those situations you can’t medically explain it and you just have go with it,” Rebecca said. “The lady had thought she was dreaming.”

After the excitement had calmed in the room and the woman was stable, Rebecca had another chance to talk to her about it.

She had explained exactly what happened in a way that nurses do without using all the medical terms and confusing jargon doctors use. The woman quietly listened with a gentle smile on her face and softly replied, “It’s true, my family does need me. I love them so much,” and she drifted off to sleep.

The woman was kept a few days for observation and then returned home to her family.



By Jeremy Werner

Rachel was already out of her comfort zone; a dumpy motel in New Jersey and not visiting for fun or vacation. Rachel’s sister-in-law had died not too long ago and Rachel was paying her last respects. Rachel sat in bed reading a book on psychic abilities attempting to keep her mind off of the week’s events.

“I had been reading from Sylvia Browne right before going to sleep. She was talking about astral travel while sleeping and how people experience that,” Rachel said.

Mean time in Rapids City, S.D., Jolene was up late studying for an exam. After a few years in college she already had a routine down and was far from home. “What are you doing?” a voice called to Jolene.

Jolene freaked out because she was studying alone; no one else was in the room and the voice sounded like her mother, Rachel. This led Jolene to believe she might be dead and immediately called Rachel who was sound asleep until the ring of her phone woke her up.
“I don't remember going to visit her but thought it was funny that I had and I do believe I did,” Rachel says laughing.



By Jackie Walter

Iowa has been the site of much paranormal activity in its more than 200 year history. It is the home of the Villisca ax murder house, where a stranger murdered a family one Sunday afternoon in 1912. The Pottawattamie Jail is said to have employees and prisoners who still live there. So it’s no surprise that Clarinda Academy, a school for delinquent children is rumored to have regular haunts.

Underneath Clarinda, there are tunnels locals say were used for the Underground Railroad. Its long past also contains a stint as a mental institution before the academy formed in 1992.

Katie Harmon became a counselor at the Academy in summer 2009. One night, Katie traveled to the boy’s wing to make sure everyone accounted for and asleep in their beds. In the middle of her checks she noticed it was so quiet her footsteps were all she could hear clicking against the concrete floor. She stopped, sat on a hallway couch, and all sound stopped. Then she saw something out of the corner of her eye and when she turned to look, a figure was standing at the end of the hallway.

“She had long dark hair and she was dressed in some sort of nightgown,” Katie said. “Her hair covered her face, so I couldn’t really see what she looked like.”

Katie automatically assumed her eyes and mind were playing tricks on her, for it had been a long, stressful day, and the hallway was dark except for the moonlight coming in from the windows. So she looked away for a moment and turned back around to see if the girl was still standing there, or if it was all in her head.

“She was still there when I turned around,” Katie said. “She didn’t move or say anything, but she was definitely still there.”

Too scared to move, Katie turned her head once more and prayed the figure would be gone when she turned back. The third time, the girl had vanished by the time Katie got up from the couch.

“It was really, really scary. I hope that never happens again.”



By Bethany Rowell

Julie Quick was there with her family the night her grandmother died. Quick and her two brothers, sister, aunt and cousin were staying in her mother’s house, knowing their loved one did not have much time left. After an emotional evening, Quick decided to get some rest.

“Before I fell asleep, I felt someone very lightly petting my hair. I opened my eyes and no one was there, but I still felt it,” Quick said, “It was a loving feeling. I sensed it was a female and she was there to take my grandmother home.”

Quick says she knows she was awake and thinking logically about what she was feeling. She rolled over to see if it was a breeze.

“After a short moment, I felt it again; light stroking on my head. It was so emotionally intense. I whispered out loud, ‘I feel you. I know you are here.’ It continued for another minute then stopped.”

Quick’s mother was in the room with her grandmother when she passed in the middle of the night. The rest of the family had fallen asleep in separate rooms and Quick’s mother had not woken anyone to tell them about her passing.

“My brothers and sister and I all woke instantly and met in the hall of this tiny house. We were sound asleep at this point, but all woke up at the same time and met my mom; all without a word or sound.”

Quick also learned of another story later on from her mother that had happened a few days prior to her grandmother’s passing. Quick said that, at the time, her mother thought her grandmother had been hallucinating, but after Quick shared her story, she thought differently.

“My mom said Nin kept smiling and holding her hand and saying ‘We’re all together.’ Nin was saying she could see her mom in the room with her mom and my mom.”

While this didn’t ease the pain of losing their family member, Quick was comforted by knowing someone was taking care of her grandmother.

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